Why using a timeshare is smart family travel


“Among frequent travelers, and especially in the travel blog community there is a weird tension about “traveler vs tourist” and it’s really funny and irritating. It’s typically approached in a condescending way and despite we not caring where we fall into the array we still make the effort to be sure to fall into “traveler”… And then we do our annual trip to Mexico using a timeshare where we stay in a luxury five star resort. But here’s why using a timeshare is smart travel.

We’ve got three different ways we choose to travel and each provides totally different experiences. We’ve found as the kids grow that they need varying trips to keep their attention and excitement. True, we could probably go to the beach for every vacation and there’d be no complaints, but also the kids wouldn’t develop diverse interests. That’s why we like to vary from our normal family travel (road trips and National Parks) to using a timeshare for a different sort of trip…” read more.



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